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New Website

If you are seeing this then you have reached our new web site. We hope we have tested this thoroughly but if you find any problems please contact us on +44 845 862 0220 or email info@homechip.com

Note that the first time you log into the new site you will be asked to confirm your email address. This should be a very quick process and will only happen once.

Easter Holiday Period

Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays in the UK and so we will be closing from 17.30 on 17th April through to 09.00 on 22nd April. Orders placed on the website will be dispatched on the 22nd, as soon as we get back to work. We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope to see you back refreshed on Tuesday.

VAT numbers

You will notice that you can now enter your VAT number into the billing address screen. We check this online using the Europa Vies site for an immediate confirmation that it is correct. If you are an EC customer, not located in the UK and with a validated VAT number this will automatically mean your invoice will be calculated without VAT. If you are a UK customer it will not make a difference to your VAT but it will mean that you are recorded as a business customer. 

What is 1-wire?

1-wire is a technology defined by Dallas/Maxim and used in their range of iButtons and other 1-wire sensors which can measure and control a wide range of environmental parameters. Communication with the devices is via a two wire bus consisting of data and ground. Each device has a unique, factory programmed address which cannot be altered and which is guaranteed unique. This fact alone makes them useful for key access and identification systems, but they have many other useful functions ranging from non-volatile storage, to temperature and humidity sensing, switching and voltage measurement.

What is an iButton?

An iButton is a 1-wire component sealed into a small stainless steel can, approximately the size of a camera battery. This packaging makes them very rugged, and under normal conditions almost indestructible. Some have an inbuilt power source, such as the Thermochron range which can be set to independently measure temperature which they store internally and report when read periodically. Thermochrons can work from -40°C to +125°C and so are perfect for measuring and monitoring processes. Their uses are really only limited by your imagination.

As well as iButton and 1-wire components we supply a wide range of 1-wire sensors and controllers supplied by iButtonLink, as well as a range of readers, software and hardware accessories. Browse our catalogue for information and ideas.

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