Welcome to the website of HomeChip, which aims to be the best and cheapest supplier of 1-wire and other sensing and control products in Europe.

Wireless Sensors

Look at our range of wireless sensors. If you have a situation where running cabling is difficult then look at these new sensors. The master controller connects to your ethernet and relays data from the battery operated sensors. Battery life varies according to the rate at which you monitor variables but will normally be months or even years.

Stock Levels

In response to your requests we've added stock levels to the web site. For configurable products (such as keyfobs which may be ordered in different colours) the stock for the particular colour will be displayed once you select it. You will no longer be able to order out of stock items, although you can still order these by phoning us, when we will be able to give you an idea of when the items will be back in stock.

Contacting us

You can email us at info@homechip.com or phone us at +44 (0) 1908 410175  . For full company details including our address follow the "About Us" link at the bottom of the page.

VAT numbers

You will notice that you can now enter your VAT number into the billing address screen. We check this online using the Europa Vies site for an immediate confirmation that it is correct. If you are an EC customer, not located in the UK and with a validated VAT number this will automatically mean your invoice will be calculated without VAT. If you are a UK customer it will not make a difference to your VAT but it will mean that you are recorded as a business customer. 

We've had the odd case of a customer not being able to validate their VAT number. There are a couple of things that might be causing this:

  • You may be putting your country code at the start of the number, for example FR12345678. Don't do this as we already know your country from your address. Just put the VAT number itself, in this case "12345678"
  • Your country may have slightly different variants of VAT number for internal and external use. We know this to be the case for at least two EU countries. Make sure you give us the external one.
  • The VAT verification server for your country may be down. There isn't much you can do about this other than try later

If none of these applies, just give us a call and we will verify your number manually.

What is 1-wire?

1-wire is a technology defined by Dallas/Maxim and used in their range of iButtons and other 1-wire sensors which can measure and control a wide range of environmental parameters. Communication with the devices is via a two wire bus consisting of data and ground. Each device has a unique, factory programmed address which cannot be altered and which is guaranteed unique. This fact alone makes them useful for key access and identification systems, but they have many other useful functions ranging from non-volatile storage, to temperature and humidity sensing, switching and voltage measurement.

What is an iButton?

An iButton is a 1-wire component sealed into a small stainless steel can, approximately the size of a camera battery. This packaging makes them very rugged, and under normal conditions almost indestructible. Some have an inbuilt power source, such as the Thermochron range which can be set to independently measure temperature which they store internally and report when read periodically. Thermochrons can work from -40°C to +125°C and so are perfect for measuring and monitoring processes. Their uses are really only limited by your imagination.

As well as iButton and 1-wire components we supply a wide range of 1-wire sensors and controllers supplied by iButtonLink, as well as a range of readers, software and hardware accessories. Browse our catalogue for information and ideas.

Please note that all prices in the catalogue are quoted excluding VAT.

VAT at the UK rate of 20% will be added at the confirmation stage of your checkout. If you are VAT registered and outside the UK, but within the EU, please quote your VAT number when you register and we will bill you without VAT. Customers outside the EU will also not be charged VAT.